Venture Capital Group

Comerica’s Venture Capital Group is dedicated to the success of emerging companies in the technology, life sciences and cleantech industries. We have the expertise necessary to help clients navigate the ever-changing financial landscape with efficiency and effectiveness. Each dedicated Comerica account officer possesses valuable industry knowledge to assist in developing custom banking solutions and sound investor relationships. Our online banking, treasury management and other services are based on products developed and offered to satisfy large corporate needs but are also offered to our emerging companies. Comerica’s talented and experienced team members help technology companies achieve their growth goals by offering personal attention and a wealth of industry knowledge.

Comerica has the flexible banking products and proven growth capital solutions venture-backed companies are looking for. Whether creative lending options or complete treasury management tools are needed, the specialists at Comerica are able to evaluate specific situations and create custom solutions.
Comerica online banking solutions are a great resource for venture-backed companies. These unique services provide companies with the tools needed to access useful information and easily manage accounts at any time. Comerica’s online banking solutions are a convenient and effective way to oversee all of your Comerica accounts.
Emerging companies will be interested in Comerica’s innovative, customized treasury cash management solutions, which will help them become more efficient. These products were developed with state-of-the-art technology designed to meet specific requirements proficiently with a cost-effective approach. Comerica’s Treasury Management products are a simple solution to help streamline companies’ operations for greater efficiency with money management practices.